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the VWR PCR Workstation is a highly functional and innovative solution designed to meet the needs of scientists and researchers working with polymerase chain reaction (PCR) techniques.

vwr pcr workstation

vwr pcr workstation One of the key features of the VWR PCR Workstation is its laminar flow, which creates a sterile working environment by directing HEPA-filtered air over the work surface.

This laminar flow effectively prevents the introduction of contaminants that may interfere with PCR reactions.

The adjustable air velocity control allows users to adjust the speed of the laminar flow according to their specific requirements.

To further minimize the risk of contamination, the workstation is equipped with UV decontamination light.

This feature helps to eliminate any residual DNA or RNA from previous experiments, ensuring a clean working environment for subsequent experiments.

The UV light also serves as a barrier against potential contamination from external sources.

Specifications of vwr pcr workstation

 Specifications of vwr pcr workstation In addition to its contamination control features, the VWR PCR Workstation also prioritizes ergonomic design for user convenience and comfort.

The workstation’s spacious interior can accommodate various sizes of equipment and accessories required for PCR processes.

The angled front sash design provides an optimal viewing angle, reducing neck and eye strain during pipetting and sample handling.

The VWR PCR Workstation integrates a digital display with intuitive controls that make it easy for users to set and monitor the temperature within the enclosure.

The temperature control feature is crucial for maintaining sample integrity and consistency during all stages of PCR, from denaturation to annealing and extension.

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buy vwr pcr workstation The workstation’s airflow monitoring system ensures that the laminar airflow remains constant and undisturbed.

This feature is critical for the prevention of cross-contamination and the maintenance of aseptic conditions.

The airflow monitoring system also alerts users if any issues arise, such as a drop in air velocity, allowing for immediate corrective action.

To maximize user safety, the VWR PCR Workstation is equipped with a HEPA filtration system that ensures the purification of air flowing into the enclosure.

This system removes particles as small as 0.3 microns with an efficiency of 99.97%. The HEPA filter also offers protection against harmful aerosols, gases, and vapors that may be generated during PCR operations.

vwr pcr workstation + buy and sell

vwr pcr workstation + buy and sell In terms of energy efficiency, the VWR PCR Workstation is designed to minimize power consumption and reduce operating costs.

The workstation’s low-noise operation and vibration-free environment contribute to user comfort and enhance experimental accuracy.

It also features energy-efficient LED lighting that provides excellent visibility within the enclosure without generating excessive heat.

The VWR PCR Workstation is customizable, allowing users to select the options and accessories that best suit their specific needs.

Additional features such as UV lights, remote controls, and electrical outlets can be added to further enhance functionality and convenience.

The price of this product is between 20-30 dollars.