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the UVP PCR Workstation is a state-of-the-art piece of laboratory equipment designed specifically for carrying out polymerase chain reaction (PCR) experiments.

uvp pcr workstation

uvp pcr workstation The UVP PCR Workstation offers numerous features and benefits that make it an indispensable tool in any molecular biology laboratory.

Firstly, it provides a highly controlled and safe environment for PCR experiments.

The workstation is equipped with HEPA filtration, which ensures the elimination of any airborne contaminants that could interfere with the PCR reaction.

This is particularly important since PCR is highly sensitive to even trace amounts of DNA or other impurities.

The UVP PCR Workstation also integrates a built-in ultraviolet (UV) light that effectively decontaminates the workstation’s surface.

UV light is commonly used in molecular biology laboratories to kill and prevent the spread of DNA and RNA molecules, which could lead to false amplification during PCR experiments.

The workstation’s UV light, coupled with a digital timer, enables users to easily program decontamination cycles.

Specifications of uvp pcr workstation

 Specifications of uvp pcr workstation Furthermore, the workstation is designed with an ergonomic footprint that optimizes space utilization in the laboratory.

It has a compact and modular design, allowing for easy installation and customization to fit the specific needs of the laboratory.

The workstation’s control panel is user-friendly, making it intuitive to navigate and operate.

Another notable feature of the UVP PCR Workstation is its adjustable temperature control system.

It allows users to maintain a stable and precise temperature inside the workstation, which is crucial for the success of PCR experiments.

Temperature fluctuations can negatively impact the PCR reaction and result in inconsistent or inaccurate results.

The workstation’s temperature control system, combined with its efficient airflow design, ensures that the desired temperature is maintained throughout the experiment.

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buy uvp pcr workstation Moreover, the UVP PCR Workstation is equipped with built-in UV protection shields to protect users from harmful UV radiation.

This feature guarantees the safety of laboratory personnel during UV decontamination cycles.

Additionally, the workstation’s transparent sides provide a clear view of the interior, allowing users to monitor the progress of the PCR reaction without disrupting the controlled environment.

In terms of versatility, the UVP PCR Workstation caters to the specific needs of different PCR experiments.

t offers a range of optional accessories such as UV transilluminators, pipette holders, and power supply ports for devices like thermal cyclers.

These accessories enhance the overall functionality and productivity of the workstation, allowing users to perform various tasks seamlessly.

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uvp pcr workstation + buy and sell In summary, the UVP PCR Workstation is a highly advanced and versatile piece of laboratory equipment designed to provide a controlled and safe environment for PCR experiments.

Its features, such as HEPA filtration, UV decontamination, temperature control, and ergonomic design, make it an essential tool for researchers and scientists in the field of molecular biology.

The workstation’s versatility and optional accessories further enhance its functionality, making it a valuable asset in any laboratory setting.

The price of this product is between 20-30 dollars.