The price of cold bain marie

The cold bain marie is a crucial piece of equipment commonly found in commercial kitchens, buffets, and catering operations

cold bain marie

cold bain marie A cold bain marie, also known as a cold well or salad bar, is a refrigerated unit used for holding and displaying chilled food.

It consists of a rectangular stainless-steel container, often divided into several compartments, that are filled with crushed ice or refrigerated air to maintain a constant low temperature.

Food pans or containers holding different foods are placed within these compartments for easy access and presentation.

Ensuring Food Safety: The primary benefit of a cold bain marie is its ability to maintain a consistent low temperature, keeping perishable food items safe from bacterial growth.

The refrigeration mechanism effectively prevents food from lingering within the “danger zone” (40°F to 140°F or 4°C to 60°C).

Specifications of cold bain marie

 Specifications of cold bain marie Extended Shelf Life: By maintaining the cold temperature, a bain marie helps extend the shelf life of food products.

This feature is especially useful in buffet or self-service settings where food needs to be displayed for prolonged periods.

Improved Food Presentation: The cold bain marie’s stainless-steel construction and attractive display design make it an excellent tool for showcasing foods, be it fresh salads, desserts, condiments, or beverages.

The visual appeal of the cold bain marie enhances the overall dining experience and encourages customers to make choices based on presentation.

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buy cold bain marie Versatility: Cold bain maries offer great versatility in terms of the types and quantities of food that can be stored.

They can accommodate various container sizes, allowing chefs to display a range of dishes simultaneously, while still maintaining optimal temperature control.

Salad Bars: One of the most common uses of a cold bain marie is for salad bars, where a selection of chilled greens, vegetables, toppings, and dressings are presented for customers to create personalized salads.

The cold bain marie’s temperature stability ensures the preservation of fresh ingredients, maintaining their crispness and color.

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cold bain marie + buy and sell Cold Appetizers and Condiments: A bain marie is an ideal option for storing and serving cold appetizers like seafood, cold cuts, cheeses, or dips.

It also helps maintain the quality of condiments such as mayonnaise, salsa, or dressings, which are often served in smaller, individual containers.

The price of this product is between 25-30 dollars.

Dessert Displays: Pastry chefs and bakers can showcase their creations effectively in a cold bain marie.

This equipment allows for the attractive presentation of cakes, pastries, mousses, puddings, and other chilled desserts, ensuring their freshness and enhancing customer appeal.